A flower a day for May 4

Today’s eye candy is Azalea ‘Gibraltar’, enjoying its second Spring here. Knee high to a grasshopper, it is carrying a mass of buds. The selection of my other half and an anchor of my blue and orange border, formerly known as The  Black Hole border. 

¬†2016 Week 2 #sketchjanuary

Just as walking every day needs to be fitted into the daily schedule, so does the discipline of sketching daily. I was pondering this on yesterday’s daily walk, collecting images for more sketching. I’ve managed to walk every day we have been at home since January 1 and I’ve also managed a sketch a day … Continue reading

Week 1 Sketch January 

At the end of week 1 of this years Twitter sketch January I had managed a daily drawing or water colour sketch every day.  I’m focusing on exploring pen and wash, using a Lamy fountain pen and washable black ink and water colours drawn with fine black or grey waterproof pen and a restricted palette … Continue reading


After a sketching and painting break lasting most of last year, I’m taking part in this year’s #sketchjanuary on Twitter. You can follow along using that hashtag on Twitter and see some beautiful artworks to brighten up your day. I’ll post some of my sketches here.  Happy 2016 everyone.   

november 26

Quick tonal sketch done on the walk home from the village, across a page spread in a Moleskine notebook. Added some more scans to the World trip tab at the top of the blog- photos of glorious Oregon to follow.

november 25

A short walk today resulted in a failed sketch of a gateway! So here’s the log basket I painted last night whilst sitting by the fire. More on the world trip soon. Pen and watercolour in a 5 x 8 inch Moleskine watercolour sketchbook. Yep, I’m back using Moleskines as the current journal.

november 24

A long break, yes. The reason? A once in a lifetime trip around the world, starting on September 17th and ending on November 8th. Not only all the way round the world, but a chance to see friends from years ago settled in the USA and Australia, to visit the Southern hemisphere; to see some … Continue reading