november 26

Quick tonal sketch done on the walk home from the village, across a page spread in a Moleskine notebook. Added some more scans to the World trip tab at the top of the blog- photos of glorious Oregon to follow.

november 25

A short walk today resulted in a failed sketch of a gateway! So here’s the log basket I painted last night whilst sitting by the fire. More on the world trip soon. Pen and watercolour in a 5 x 8 inch Moleskine watercolour sketchbook. Yep, I’m back using Moleskines as the current journal.

november 24

A long break, yes. The reason? A once in a lifetime trip around the world, starting on September 17th and ending on November 8th. Not only all the way round the world, but a chance to see friends from years ago settled in the USA and Australia, to visit the Southern hemisphere; to see some … Continue reading

September 9

After a wet and miserable morning the sun broke through. I took my lunchtime sandwich into the garden and painted a pot full of flowering lavender grown from seed this year. Tortoiseshell butterflies came and went as I painted. There are still a few swallows hanging on but there won’t be many more warm days … Continue reading

september 7

A busy week-aren’t they all? A real highlight in the midst of the busy was being very honoured to be included in the latest issue of The Wales Art Review, in an article about Drawing August. It was the brainchild of¬† Dean Lewis, Design Editor of the Review¬† and Jean Stevens I mentioned here. To … Continue reading

September 4

The summer has been kind to the swallows and our skies are full of these amazingly acrobatic little birds. The third brood has fledged and any day now they will be gone, taking the summer with them and leaving a big empty sky. I shall miss them. Today I spent a long time trying to … Continue reading

apples 1

We inherited some large apple trees when we moved and we have been waiting to see what the fruit would be like. This one had some major pruning done in the winter and produced a bumper crop of large Pippin like fruit. It’s sweet, but a bit floury. The fruit is already ripe and falling. … Continue reading